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Horse Patterns

All Patterns will be in PDF format including row by row instructions, picture of the pattern,  charts of beads colors.

Patterns will be shipped via e-mail attachment, if there is a problem with e-mail bouncing we will send on a CD via USPO.

All Patterns will be in Delica Seed Beads, unless otherwise noted in description.


Free Sample

This self repeating pattern is great for hat bands or decorative trim. Each pattern is 9 columns wide and 15 rows in length. This pattern uses SB102, SB103, SB105, SB113, SB114, SB117 and SB118 Enjoy this free pattern.

Click Here to download this pattern


Black Horse Head

This is a beautiful seed bead loom pattern. It is 120 columns wide and 139 rows, it is done using only SB113 and SB118 seed beads.

Bead List for Black Horse Head Pattern


Brown Horse Head

Brown horse head seed bead loom pattern.   It is 140 columns wide and 77 rows in height, it is done using Delica Seed Beads seed beads.  Great pattern to do on those cold winter nights while you sit in front of the fireplace dreaming of those sweet summer days gone past.





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